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The advantages of refurbished appliances

Sometimes kitting out your kitchen can be a very difficult job. It is not just to do with the difficulties of conceptualising how the space is going to be arranged, and then having each piece installed once purchased. But it is also an expensive job actually buying the appliance in question. Whether you are redoing your kitchen, or just replacing something faulty, you may want to take a look at the range of refurbished appliances which we have here at All Your Appliances, as these might just be an answer to your worries.

What are refurbished appliances?

You may be wondering what exactly the phrase ‘refurbished appliances’ means. In another blog post, we walked you through what ‘graded’ appliances are, and refurbished appliances are very similar. The slight difference is that refurbished goods will in theory have had some work done to them in the complete servicing and testing process, whereas some graded goods may simply have arrived to us with some damage to the packaging, meaning that they don’t always need additional work done on them.

With the refurbished items which you might see in our collection, these items will, for one reason or another, also not be brand new. Sometimes this is because they are returned by their owners after a short number of weeks. What we will then do is give them a complete service and test, insuring that they are functioning perfectly. They are then thoroughly cleaned before being put back on sale.

What are the benefits of refurbished goods?

Because they are not brand new, the prices that you will see for our refurbished goods are a lot lower than they would be for a brand new equivalent. On top of that, you will be getting your appliance for this cut price in the full knowledge that our experts have worked on it to check and confirm that everything is in top working order. This means you might well be able to get your hands on that ideal appliance for the kitchen which you thought might have been too expensive.

Are there any other things to know about refurbished appliances?

You should know that, despite the mechanisms of the appliance always being tested so that they are in full working order, refurbished appliances may sometimes have some superficial blemishes. None of these will affect the way that the appliance will run, as they will only be surface level, aesthetic imperfections. However, when you take into account that you will be getting a perfectly working appliance for the kitchen at such an affordable price, this is often a deal which it is well worth making.

What kind of refurbished items do we have in store?

Take a look through the range and you will see all sorts of refurbished items available here at All Your Appliances. There are dishwashers, electric ceramic cookers, single ovens, double ovens, American style fridge freezers and more. If you take a look at the individual product, then there will be more information on the nature of the refurbishment, plus pictures of any superficial blemishes you might need to know about. We work with many different appliances that we can test and service to put back on sale, so do check back on our range regularly to see what kinds of appliances we have – one week you might just find that perfect deal on the appliance you have had your eye on!